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  • Coyotes slam cancellation of Arizona land auction
    The Arizona State Land Department has cancelled a June 27 land auction that the Coyotes' owner was counting on to reactivate his dormant NHL franchise.
    Greg Wyshynski.  ESPN.  Sat, 22 Jun 2024 13:14:14 EST.
  • Aggregated Auction News
    Recent news about auction from English-language newsfeeds around the world.
    Regional Directory News.  Sun, 23 Jun 2024 14:58:58 -0400.

Auction Websites

The word auction is a noun. Auction means (1) the public sale of something to the highest bidder, (2) a variety of bridge in which tricks made in excess of the contract are scored toward game; now generally superseded by contract bridgeAuction is also a verb that means (1) sell at an auction. The Quisto editorial staff has evaluated these websites and placed them in the Auction information category.

  • Auction Hawk
    This online auction management firm offers innovative auction management software and services.
  • Auction News
    This auction news page comprises recent news headlines, article summaries, and citations about auctions from general interest news publishers and niche publications.
  • ChannelAdvisor
    Provider of consumer marketplace services and technology.
  • Christie's
    This auction house features auctions of art, jewelry, and collectibles.
  • Icollector
    Tools and support for the world's auction houses.
  • Livestock Auctions
    Directory of livestock auctions throughout the United States of America.
    Power software and services for power sellers.
    Premier live and online auction house for paintings, sculpture, antiques, and other fine art.
  • Truition
    E-commerce software and services for online retailers.

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