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The word semiconductor is a noun. Semiconductor means (1) a conductor made with semiconducting material, (2) a substance as germanium or silicon whose electrical conductivity is intermediate between that of a metal and an insulator; its conductivity increases with temperature and in the presence of impurities. The Quisto editorial staff has evaluated these websites and placed them in the Semiconductor information category.

  • Applied Materials
    Supplier of products and services to the semiconductor industry.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturers
    This semiconductors manufacturer directory comprises entries for semiconductor manufacturers and wholesalers all over the United States. Each entry includes contact information, category tags, and a website link.
  • Semiconductor News
    This semiconductor news page comprises recent news headlines, article summaries, and citations about semiconductors from general interest news publishers and niche publications.
  • Solectron
    Provider of electronics manufacturing and supply chain services.

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