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The word sport is a noun. Sport means (1) an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition, (2) the occupation of athletes who compete for pay, (3) verbal wit (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously), (4) (Maine colloquial) temporary summer resident of inland Maine, (5) (biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration, (6) someone who engages in sportsSport is also a verb that means (1) play boisterously, (2) wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner.

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The Quisto editorial staff has evaluated these websites and placed them in the Sport information category.

  • Exploratorium - Sport Science
    Examines the science behind the most popular team and recreational sports. The site has special features with professional athletes plus sports science questions and answers.
  • Major League Baseball - Kids' Dugout
    Features cool baseball stuff and information about baseball, from a kid's perspective.
  • NFL Rush - Official NFL Site for Kids
    The NFL site for kids features games, fun facts about NFL players, and football strategy and positions.
  • Sports Illustrated For Kids
    Features sports news, games, and interactive features - for kids.

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