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The word technology is a noun. Technology means (1) the practical application of science to commerce or industry, (2) the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems. The Quisto editorial staff has evaluated these websites and placed them in the Technology information category.

  • Computerworld
    Information source for news coverage about laptop and desktop computers, software and hardware, security, networking and data storage.
    Online technology resource. Check here for PC, HDTV, DTV, MP3, palmpilot, laptop, and macintosh news, computer purchase advice, glossary of technical terms, hardware and software reviews, and processor specs.
    Business innovation powered by technology.
  • InfoWorld
    For the latest technology news and business intelligence on viruses, email providers and new hardware and software solutions, check out InfoWorld, the technology experts.
  • LAPTOP Magazine
    This mobile technology magazine features in-depth reviews of hot mobile products, including notebooks, cell phones, handhelds, Wi-Fi, digital cameras, projectors and accessories.
  • Lockergnome
    Discover new tech information, read the latest news, and get it delivered it directly to you every day of the week.
  • MacCentral
    Apple, Macintosh, and iPod News from MacCentral.
  • Network Computing
    Enterprise product reviews, comparisons, analysis and advice built by IT professionals for IT professionals.
  • PC Today
    Computer Operating Systems at PC Today. Your source for Windows XP tweaks, Linux operating system information and Windows XP tips.
  • PC World
    Technology news, reviews, and expert advice.
  • Phone News Articles
    Recent news, illustrations, and information about phones and telecom topics.
  • SlashDot
    News for nerds about stuff that matters.
  • Tech News
    Tech news and business reports by CNET Focused on information technology, core topics include computers, hardware, software, networking, and Internet media.
  • The Tech Zone
    Offers computer hardware reviews and news on the computer industry. Also tracks computer pricing trends.
  • Wired News
    Online edition of Wired magazine, includes headlines and blogs plus feature articles about technology, culture, and politics. From Lycos.

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