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The word cat is a noun. Cat means (1) feline mammal usually having thick soft fur and being unable to roar; domestic cats; wildcats, (2) any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild, (3) a large vehicle that is driven by caterpillar tracks; frequently used for moving earth in construction and farm work, (4) a whip with nine knotted cords, (5) the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant, (6) a spiteful woman gossip, (7) an informal term for a youth or manCat is also a verb that means (1) eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth, (2) beat with a cat-o'-nine-tails. The Quisto editorial staff has evaluated these websites and placed them in the Cat information category.

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