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Phoenix is a proper noun. Phoenix is (1) the state capital and largest city of Arizona; situated in a former desert that has become a prosperous agricultural center thanks to irrigation, (2) a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Tucana and Sculptor, (3) a legendary Arabian bird said to periodically burn itself to death and emerge from the ashes as a new phoenix; according to most versions only one phoenix lived at a time and it renewed itself every 500 years, (4) a large monocotyledonous genus of pinnate-leaved palms found in Asia and Africa. The Quisto editorial staff has evaluated these websites and placed them in the Phoenix information category.

  • Frommer's Destinations - Phoenix
    This Phoenix travel guide features trip planning, accommodations, dining, and attractions information.
  • Lonely Planet - Phoenix
    This Phoenix, Arizona destination guide features information about events, attractions, history, and transportation.
  • Phoenix Business Directory
    Phoenix solutions directory, with demographic data and searchable maps.
  • Phoenix, Arizona News
    This page features current Phoenix news and weather conditions as well as interactive maps of Phoenix and a photograph of the Arizona State Capitol building.

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