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The word christian is an adjective. Christian means (1) following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ. The Quisto editorial staff has evaluated these websites and placed them in the Christian information category.

    Publishes large Christian music and evangelically styled choral music catalogs.
  • CCM Magazine
    Contemporary Christian music - reviews - radio - tour info - more.
    The Christian music site.
  • Dallas Christian Sound
    High quality religious music - nationally known choirs and Christian artists.
  • Fresh Releases
    The freshest Christian music releases.
    Christian guitar tabs & web sites.
  • Hymnal.Net
    Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.
    Worship songs - gospel sounds - traditional favorites.
  • Lutheran Hymnal
    Lutheran hymnals - Christian hymns - sheet music for churches - MP3s & Midis.
  • Sparrow Records
    Featuring a wide range of Christian music genres.
  • Tindle Music
    Mountain dulcimer music by Mark Tindle.
  • Worship Together
    Worship resources for a new generation.

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